Front Statement

“The University of Oregon is an international leader because of the faculty's outstanding teaching and research. This institution plays a vital role in the educational, civic, social and economic health of the state of Oregon.”

—16th President Richard Lariviere

The 16th President

Richard Lariviere transformed the policy debate about higher education in Oregon. The 16th president’s pursuit of excellence for the UO inspired a sense of optimism and aspiration to greatness that was shared by the faculty, students, alumni and staff of the University. 

Lariviere demonstrated his commitment to excellence and the retention of faculty and staff by significantly raising their compensation. He oversaw the re-writing of the Constitution of the Senate enhancing the shared governance of the university. He received the greatest attention for advocating a “New Partnership” with the state of Oregon, through a combination of public policy, governance, and funding reforms. 

Lariviere renewed the University of Oregon’s commitment to its public mission to provide excellent opportunities for all Oregonians.  The proposed New Partnership that embodied these aspirations and the community’s advocacy for these goals was not well received by the chancellor of the Oregon University System and the State Board of Higher Education. The resulting rifts culminated in the State Board’s decision to terminate Lariviere’s contract halfway through his third year, causing a firestorm of protest on campus and across the state.  He left a legacy of renewed passion for high ideals and a solid foundation on which to fulfill them.