Google supports the NSRC

March 17th, 2011

Last week it was announced that Google Inc.'s Charitable Giving Fund donated $1.25 million to support the work of the University of Oregon’s Network Startup Resource Center.

The NSRC is one of those UO jewels that more people on and off campus should know about. It was established in 1992 with support from the National Science Foundation to provide technical assistance to organizations setting up computer networks in developing areas.

The NSRC helps connect universities, research institutes and some non-governmental organizations, particularly those in less advantaged nations. Their work also helps with communications and technology recovery in times of disaster such as we saw in Haiti and now in Japan.

The NSRC contributes enormously to the advancement of society and culture across the globe. This is just one more important way the University of Oregon fulfills its public mission. My sincere and hearty congratulations to NSRC director Steven Huter, Carlos Vicente, Hervey Allen, Dale Smith and everyone else at the NSRC. I encourage everyone to learn more about their great work.

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