Good wisdom and good health

September 9th, 2011

We were reminded yesterday how wisdom and health go hand-in-hand. Provost Jim Bean, my friend and colleague, announced his plan to step away from his duties as the university’s second-in-command in order to allow his body to fully recover from a serious pulmonary embolism that occurred this past June.
Jim’s speedy return to work after the embolism was remarkable. We, his friends and colleagues, chalked it up to good fortune, his otherwise good health, his passion for the institution and his unfailing commitment to excellence. He came back to work and continued his regular long days and sound decisions in looking after the academic heart of the institution.
All seemed back to normal. But Jim’s body was telling him something else. His decision to step back, to listen to his body, and to take the necessary time to heal before returning to his post is perfect proof of his wisdom. And it’s a reminder to each of us to never lose sight of that which is most important.

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