A testimony to the UO community's character

April 15th, 2011

Yesterday a representative of the State of Oregon’s annual charitable fund drive came to campus to present a first-ever “Award of Distinction for Outstanding Per Capita Giving by University Employees.”

Sure, it’s just a plaque, but what it represents makes me more proud of this university than I can convey in these few words.

The University of Oregon community—classified staff, Officers of Administration, adjunct and faculty of all flavors—responded to the fund drive brilliantly. You gave more money than last year. In fact, giving by UO employees represented a quarter of all donations from all state employees. This is stunning.

It is testimony to the character of this entire community. You were generous even in the face of the uncertain economic times confronting the university, and more importantly in the face of uncertain economic circumstances that many of our colleagues across the campus find themselves in. Furloughs, cuts, and uncertainty didn’t seem to dampen the sense of obligation and generosity that this community feels to Oregonians in need. I'm really proud to be a colleague of such generous and caring people.  

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